Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tram to Roosevelt Island...

Always wanted to go there
Roosevelt Island - the narrow slip of land 800' wide and two miles long in the East River,
Between Manhattan and Queens ...

                     From the Tram - way high up !!
                     you can see the Queensboro Bridge (59th St. Bridge), so close by -


And the water far below....                             

               Armed with a map from the information center, we set out to explore the island...
 So many photo ops - the Lighthouse at the north end - (no it's not a postcard) 

                                   An unusual loopy structure on the Manhattan shore...
                          A warehouse that looks like a New England red barn on the Queens side.

                              A 19th Century church amidst the 20th modern high rises,

                                    And a community picnic resembling Seurat's Grand Jatte.
                                   A lone sailboat floats by the glittering wall of skyscrapers...
                                                             Dusk falls -

                                                    We return to Manhattan.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Take Me Out To the Ball Game - Yankee Stadium

    What a fantastic place -

       The crowds arrive -

    Everyone has a role to play -  spectators, fans, ball players, staff -

                        Preparing for the game....
Marking the bases and pitchers mound...

          Smoothing out the playing field.
                                  Fans following the players...

       And the YANKEES,  Pitching....
       Batting ...
       Ready to run,
                                  Running !
  While photographers photograph;

       A marriage is proposed (up on the big screen) - the crowd applauds with approval...

The visiting team takes a break -

      And finally,Victory.
      Last out of the game, a line drive to shortstop, #2, Derek Jeter.
      Yankees 2, Baltimore Orioles, 0.

     Post-game:  A congratulatory dousing (under Gatorade!) - to pitcher, #47 Ivan Nova.

      Game Date: Saturday, August 31, 2013
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Moss Glen Falls...pt. 2

the details, not the drama, just what we saw along the way...
    ferns on rocks, I wish I could plant a garden like this !

the rocks look like
mountain ranges
unto themselves....
    true to its name, MOSS and roots abound in the ancient glen -

    what lives in here !??
    ...we'll follow the path back to the peaceful meadow.