Saturday, October 19, 2013

Misty Hamptons Beach -

                                           Snow fences echo the rhythms of the waves

                                                          Goldenrod blooms boldly -
                                              Houses look like folded origami puzzles
       Some seem far off, set high on the dunes...

        Others dug in, half hidden fortresses.

      The sea is quiet today...

                                                       Someone has left their shoes,
                                                                   Another walks on.

          The arc shaped window belongs to an Andrew Geller house, well known innovator
                          and modernist  designer, the architect of numerous vacation homes.

  For more on his work, visit:

Andrew Geller, The Design Observer Group, Mark Lamster

The Architect of Happiness

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wares at the Fair...

the London Terrace Street Fair, that is - Chelsea, NYC.
We sit in shadow beneath the trees, the sunlight high up on the brownstones....

                                                    Everywhere people buying and selling -

Bric a Brac galore

                                          A lovely pink dress next to an army of men's shoes                                                  
                                                           A Sea of  Costume Jewelry

                            White china goblets displayed casually on the street -

                        Tasty crepes for when we get hungry.                           
                 A patient dog waits... by a display of vintage toasters
                                                             of every shape and size.

                                        A brilliant red parka with a faux ermine scarf -
                     Across the way a saytyr peers out over a red pitcher - a little spooky!

  At our table, lovely knitted hats and books by author Elizabeth Wix, good friend and blogger.
         Along with Christmas cards and illustrations by my father, artist James Lewicki 

          A preview of the holiday season.

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