Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tram to Roosevelt Island...

Always wanted to go there
Roosevelt Island - the narrow slip of land 800' wide and two miles long in the East River,
Between Manhattan and Queens ...

                     From the Tram - way high up !!
                     you can see the Queensboro Bridge (59th St. Bridge), so close by -


And the water far below....                             

               Armed with a map from the information center, we set out to explore the island...
 So many photo ops - the Lighthouse at the north end - (no it's not a postcard) 

                                   An unusual loopy structure on the Manhattan shore...
                          A warehouse that looks like a New England red barn on the Queens side.

                              A 19th Century church amidst the 20th modern high rises,

                                    And a community picnic resembling Seurat's Grand Jatte.
                                   A lone sailboat floats by the glittering wall of skyscrapers...
                                                             Dusk falls -

                                                    We return to Manhattan.

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  1. What an interesting spot in the middle of the big city. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post. - Margy

  2. Sehr eindrucksvolle Bilder!
    Gruß, Luis

  3. Hard to believe that a narrow island in the middle of the river can be sch a busy, built-up place. I suppose every inch of real estate has to be made use of.

    I like your last picture of dusk in Manhattan best.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    1. Yes, me too, as well as the one just before that, of the sailboat thru the trees on the East River - Thanks !

  4. What the wonderful photographs shared by you! Indeed, sounds you got nice experience of this beautiful city.
    thanks for sharing...

  5. Loved the tour, thanks for taking us along. I honestly had no idea that this Island was even there.

    We have got to get to NYC.

  6. What a great tour on that cable car! Had no idea it existed. The lighthouse shot really is picture perfect.


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