Saturday, October 19, 2013

Misty Hamptons Beach -

                                           Snow fences echo the rhythms of the waves

                                                          Goldenrod blooms boldly -
                                              Houses look like folded origami puzzles
       Some seem far off, set high on the dunes...

        Others dug in, half hidden fortresses.

      The sea is quiet today...

                                                       Someone has left their shoes,
                                                                   Another walks on.

          The arc shaped window belongs to an Andrew Geller house, well known innovator
                          and modernist  designer, the architect of numerous vacation homes.

  For more on his work, visit:

Andrew Geller, The Design Observer Group, Mark Lamster

The Architect of Happiness

Thanks to Our World Tuesday for the tour of blogs, from everywhere !!


  1. Lovely pictures. It seems like a very nice place for some solitude. Thanks for the visual tour Lisa :)

  2. You captured a quiet mood. I love the color of the goldenrod. It looks like the second house has a massive stone fireplace. I can imagine a fire in it driving the gloom away. I love the gray weathered wood of the houses.

  3. What a nice walk through the beach.

  4. You have captured the quiet reflectiveness of the autumn beach very well. A bit grey, a bit mist, some leftover shoes ... I loved the person walking down the road.

  5. That was my favorite, too, made so much better since they were wearing red !

  6. So beautiful...we saw fences like that when we traveled alon the Atlantic Coast, I thought they were so graceful , never thought of them being snow fences. It almost never snows along the Pacific Coast (rain is another story)... Loved these pictures!

  7. Glad to here from you Sally, back "home" from your journey. Yes, the snow fences are kind of hypnotic in their rhythms, I had 3 or 4 pictures, hard to choose one.

  8. Oh to live in a house like that with the eyebrow window, right next to the beach. I would see no need for shoes. So peaceful and tranquil. Thanks for the tour. xx

  9. Beautiful place, lovely photos, My dream is to live in a place like that.


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