Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big bird -

Like a Pterodactyl - pronounced terrodactill, that ancient flying dinosaur -
(he/she) looms over the fishpond.
I walk through the kitchen maybe sixty? times a day, and stop dead in my tracks
seeing this out the window -

It's one of those herons who shows up in winter -
The leaf cover is down and they can spot the pond from way up above.
To save the fishes, there is wire over the pond. They can only look.

 Another day, another one, perhaps younger -
 a wraith-like figure wavering in the mist and rain, as if it could be be blown away.

 We added a loose mountain of hardware cloth over the pond for added camouflage,
 which seems to be working, no sightings this week.
 A dove surveys the yard from this new vantage;
 A gentle guardian and momentary king of the hill.

                              ... And the golden treasure lies safe in the depths of the water:

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  1. Gorgeous shots of the heron. What a nice visitor to have!

  2. Nice visitor if he would walk around, then leave. Unfortunately if left to his devices he would kill all the fish in the pond. Last year I found one of our large gold fish had an eye poked out. Bad bird. Good for photos but he is quickly chased off. John

  3. That was a great chance shot. Don't you love those? Haven't seen any herons here in a couple of years despite the goldfish in the pond. One year we thought the heron had gotten them all but it was likely the ones who swam close to investigate its legs as they would do my boots if I was in there. The ones that were scared survived to multiply.

    1. Yes, this shot was a gift. We have rocks in the pond too which they can hide under, it's unnerving to lose any of them, but you're right, they do multiply !

  4. Indeed what a big bird! Great pictures dear Lisa :) Hope you are having a great weekend .

  5. I love herons they look so elegant......but deadly to wild ducklings.....

    Happy Sunday!

  6. We have a small pond too and 2 or 3 times I have seen a blue heron there. Ours is frozen over now.

  7. Pretty shots of the Great Blue Heron! And the dove is sweet. Have a happy week!

  8. I have to admit, he would stop me dead in my tracks too! What gorgeous birds! I love herons, they are so elegant but I commend you for protecting the fish from them!

  9. I love great blue herons and your photographs are very good.


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