Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Interpreting March with Painted Landscapes -

      It seems we've all been hemmed in by winter this year -
We look out, but everything is gray gray gray

     The only colors the painted promise of crops in the community garden... 

              And the fantasy of an Italian Spring painted on the side of a bicycle shop -
       A leftover crusty snowdrift forming a faux mountain in the front...
                                                                                          For a country chalet to sit on.
                               The last squall was March 31st, an impressive wet snow -
                                        the tv weather map more colorful than the landscape!

                                                   I think they were craving Spring, too.

                   Participating in Our World Tuesday and Skywatch Friday fantastic ways to travel round the globe.


  1. Things are just beginning to get green around here.

  2. Those are wonderful murals. Loved your post!

  3. What a terrific eye you have! I love this post, it tells such a story!!

    1. Thanks, Electra - that was what I was aiming for, a picture story with a bit of a twist - all those shots of painted places just came along.

  4. Lovely colourful murals!

  5. Love the fantasy of the Italian Spring. :)


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